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[1] Full range of services for the users of the Internet
Our server is connected to the Internet via fast fiber optic channels with the average speed of connection of 2 Mbit/s. The company has enough possibilities to increase capacity of the channel depending on the objectives arise.

| Dial up connection
| Allocated channel connection
| ISDN connection
| WEB hosting including data base creation
| Allocation of client's equipment
| Installation of live web cameras

[2] ISDN connection services
W:Internet has its own channel connected with telecommunication equipment of LEIVO (St. Petersburg). - ISDN connection to the Internet - Installation of ISDN telephone lines - Organization of high quality video conferences

[3] High quality WEB design
You can find some examples of our design at www.vbg.ru or www.mvidx.vbg.ru.

[4] International projects based on the Internet technologies
You can find some of our projects at www.viipuri2000.vbg.ru (history, architecture and urban development of Vyborg).

[5] Services for education projects
W:Internet using modern telecommunication technologies including distance training

[6] Creation, promotion and adaptation
of client's web servers in Russia and Finland

[7] Tourist business
The company is engaged in different activities related to tourist business including organization of tours, visa support, accommodation, and transport.
License N16725 of January 21, 1997